Mental Health and the Media — A Twitter space on how journalists can manage their mental health and proper suicide reportage

  • Suicide should not be reported by crime reporters but health journalists or development reporters. It is only appropriate that suicide, being a health (mental health) issue is reported by the right people. It is not a crime.
  • They should not be sensational, but sensitive. The reporter should be sensitive to the gravity of suicide, and its effect on the audience. Also, he shouldn’t have "personal opinions".
  • Suicide is suicide.
  • Suicide reporters should desist from using derogatory languages like “Mad”, “insane” e.t.c
  • Don’t assume link between mental illness and violence. Some people have a perchance for attaching violence to mental illnesses, it should not be so.
  • Avoid use of derogatory terms/slangs such as "happy pills" for antidepressants. The right/exact terms should be used.
    Don’t glorify, distort, or provide information about methods of suicide.
  • Report mental ill health sensitively.
  • Use correct diagnosis where appropriate.
  • Offer helplines/contact details which people can utilise.



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Asido Campus Network

Asido Campus Network

Asido Campus Network is a student led mental health promoting club and the youth arm of the Asido Foundation dedicated in ensuring optimal mental health