On Saturday, the 26th of March 2022, Asido Campus Network University of Ibadan [ACNUI] had an outreach on awareness on mental heath and related issues which was themed "BUILDING A BETTER MIND AS A YOUTH" at TBOSE tutorial center, Abadina, University of Ibadan. The program started by 12pm with group sessions which was followed by a general session and a Question and Answer session.

The aims and objectives of the outreach was to educate the students about mental health, stress management, peer pressure, positive coping mechanisms, drug abuse and listen to their concerns while providing on-the-spot responses to their questions.

The students of the tutorial centre were divided into male and female groups for their group sessions. The topics addressed during the group sessions were peer pressure, stress management admist academic excellence before and after university admission.

The facilitators for the male group were Mr. Williams Owoeye and Mr. Posi Ogunlana. Mr. Williams Owoeye spoke on drug abuse and shared some experiences with the students while Mr. Posi Ogunlana spoke on stress management. Some of the keypoints they stated were that stress is constant throughout life, and good time management is crucial to managing stress. However, consistency and a good support system with good values should also be ensured at all times. According to Mr Ogunlana, the best students are not the ones that read the hardest but the ones that are consistent because little drops of water make a mighty ocean" .

The facilitators for the female session were Miss Dorcas Junaid and Miss Blessing Opeyemi. Miss. Dorcas Junaid spoke about stress management pointing out various issues that induce stress in females like academics, menstruation, societal expectations, house chores in a typical African home and so on. She gave them tips on handling stress management and used her personal experience as a case scenario. Miss Blessing Opeyemi discussed peer pressure. She talked about the positive and negative dimensions to peer pressure while the students were responsive and listened with rapt attention during the session. Interaction between the students and the facilitator was quite impressive and some students discussed their experiences of stress management and peer pressure.

The general session started at about 12:45pm with all students of the centre. It was facilitated by Miss.Tawakalt Olaoluwa, Mr. Posi Ogunlana and Mr. Williams Owoeye. Miss Tawakalt Olaoluwa started by enlightening everyone about mental health and understanding it as a youth. She spoke extensively on the major reasons for the increase in depression and other related mental health issues amongst teenagers, and more specifically, students. She stated: "One of the best value to have as a person is contentment " while discussing on the influence of peer pressure on mental health. The session ended at about 1:15pm. Thereafter, the Q&A session began.

In order for the students to feel free and ask their questions without feeling shy or intimidated, they anonymously scribbled their questions, and they were answered accordingly by the facilitators. Most of the questions asked were on academics, sexual health, spirituality. For help and information, the Asido health line was given to the pupils to reach out to when in need.

There were about 130 students and 24 volunteers at the program. The owner of the centre, Mr Ajewunmi (Ajesen) commended the volunteers and the network after the program and cited that he would be glad if the outreach is made an annual event.



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